Spicy Pepper Vodka

Bottle size: 750ml

Alcohol content: 30% ABV / 60 Proof

Sale price$28.00 USD

Doundrins Spicy Pepper Vodka is made and flavored with a freshly harvested blend of sweet and spicy peppers that come from an array of local farms all within 1 hour of the distillery. It has a strong pepper aroma and balanced flavor that is spicy, but not too spicy. The vegetal taste of the peppers and even the citrus notes of some of the chilis shines through.  The combination of both sweet and spicy peppers gives it the heat you crave with the flavor you want. It is great in a bloody mary or as an addition to a margarita. If you are looking for a new way to get your spice on try it in our “Flaming Black Cherry” or “TKO”. The “TKO” is only 3 ingredients: lime juice, Doundrins Spicy Pepper Vodka, and lemon-lime soda. For full recipes and more check out our recipes page.